Been a while…

I know I haven’t posted in a long time. But here is what is up. I need a job. I am stressed out big time. But, I have learned in the past, well, day… The world is full of junk.  I have realized that our world needs to be led by example not by words. You can talk to someone all day long and they won’t get anything out of it. If you lead by example they will. You see, life is something that seems so vast and complicated when in reality, it is short and simple. We need to take the time to talk to God everyday and tell Him how thankful we are for His mercy and we need to ask Him for guidance and wisdom. In conclusion, I just want to be really real with everybody that reads this. I am sorry for anything I have said or done to hurt or offend you. I know I can be a major jerk sometimes. I am sorry for leading sometimes when I should really be the one being led. I am sorry for ever not being the best example. I want people to look up to me but, I am sorry if you ever have and I have let you down. I am sorry for ever letting you down in general. I am sorry for everything. Apologies , as well as leadership roles, are part of life in general.


Angry, Frustrated, and Discouraged

I am all of these today. I feel upset because I feel like I am not noticed. I am frustrated because I can’t get a job, I am broke, and I am in debt to someone. I am discouraged because, all of these things lead to my band because, I want my band to start being for real and for some reason, I feel like it can’t without good equipment…I don’t know why. I don’t know what to do with my emotions right now. I need prayer. Prayer to be calm, prayer to not be frustrated, and prayer for wisdom and discernment. I need prayer for a job because, without one right now, I am struggling. I just need prayer. I don’t know what to do right now so, with the help of your prayers, I believe something will happen. Please pray for me. I need it so much right now. I need it even though this feelings are part of life in general.

Needs and Wants

In life, we say we need so many things. We need a new car, more money, a new computer, a new ipod, a new phone, just bigger and better stuff all the time. This isn’t the case. We don’t need anything that doesn’t make us alive. We don’t need anything that can be replaced. This also goes for, lets just say, an addiction. You hear about and see people struggle with addictions and desires every day. They think that they need these things to survive. The truth is that what we need is to break down the walls and boundaries of need and wants. When we want something we tend to make that the priority in our life. When we need something we tend to look past it because what we need isn’t always, or ever, more appealing than what we want. We need a relationship with God more than a million dollars, but, what looks more appealing? Exactly! Our lives are filled with things that are wants but, only a very few things are needs. So, the decision we need to make is, what do we need and what do we just want? This is part of life in general.

A little potential=A great leader

Sometimes we down ourselves because of what people have said. Here’s a tip…DON”T LISTEN!!!! Your smallest bit of potential can turn you into one the greatest leaders anyone has ever known. You don’t have to be the most popular, the most beautiful, the best athlete, the greatest musician, or…the greatest anything to become an amazing leader. God didn’t make trash and he gave us all a plan. He gave us our own specific gifts and talents and we need to express then and use them for his glory. I have been in a period in my life where I felt I was at a stand still and I had the “lost” the plan given to me. But, as I sat down with Megan today, she told me how mighty I was and how great of a leader I was going to be. I needed that. What I am saying is that, life is going to throw everything under the sun at you to try and hinder you from moving on with your life. There will be days where you feel helpless and useless. You will feel like you have no potential and won’t go anywhere in life. That is a bunch of lies! God placed us all on this earth for a reason. No matter how little potential the world may think you have, you have to get past that and realize that no matter how much potential to the world, you have all the potential in the world to be a leader. All of this is part of life in general.

Have you ever?

Have you ever had a day where you just think? Just think about everything. About life,  about future, about God, and about random little things. I had one of those days. I couldn’t stop thinking today. It is crazy to think about how vast this world is and then to think about the fact that it is only a small portion. WOW! I can’t comprehend it. Our thoughts are something to be very careful with and it is days like this that where thoughts can really take over. For example; Have you ever had a day where all you do think about failures, mistakes, disappointments, and things that make you sad. These are the thoughts you need to be careful with. They can slowly start to take over your mind and become expressed in your actions. Be careful with your thoughts on days like this. Because, thoughts, whether good or bad, are a part of life in general.

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Isn’t it funny…

Isn’t it funny that sometimes you just can’t sleep? Isn’t it funny how when you can’t sleep you sit up and thin about stuff like this? Have you ever woken up from a dead sleep for no APPARENT reason? I think that stuff like this happens for a reason. I believe that when we just can’t sleep it is because there is something we NEED to think about or pray about. And, I believe that when we wake up from a dead sleep it is because God NEEDS us to think or pray about something. I believe it is times like these that bring about the best ideas and the best information that we need to use in every day conversation. But, we don’t use it. Why? We need to use the voice that God has given us and the ideas that he NEEDS us to think about. Don’t waste your voice, it is a gift and a tool. This is life in general.

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These days…

These days, these times. The days and times that we live in. We live in a time where music is about sex, drugs, and alcohol. Music has no true meaning anymore. People have taken the gift of music and created something that is 100% pointless. We live in a time where you can walk into a school, public or private, and here language that R-rated movies don’t even put out. We live in a time where in a church service you have to call the police for a CHILD that has either stolen something or has disrupted to a point of wanted to fight leaders. These days and these times are getting crazier and crazier everyday. Be careful what you expose yourself to nowadays because you never know what could become an addiction or what consequence might come of it. This is life in general, don’t take it for granted.

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The 1st day…

This is my 1st day with this thing so bear with me. Why is it that sometimes even though you try so hard to do somthing and move on with something that something else holds you back? Why is it that some people can’t do anything for themselves? And, why is it that every time we want something it seems to come later than we originally wanted it? Well, maybe we shouldn’t ask these questions and simply give it up. Give it up to someone all knowing. Someone called God. Life is something we take for granted from day to day. We let petty little things get to us. Why is it that we can’t just shut up and listen? This is life in general.

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