The 1st day…

This is my 1st day with this thing so bear with me. Why is it that sometimes even though you try so hard to do somthing and move on with something that something else holds you back? Why is it that some people can’t do anything for themselves? And, why is it that every time we want something it seems to come later than we originally wanted it? Well, maybe we shouldn’t ask these questions and simply give it up. Give it up to someone all knowing. Someone called God. Life is something we take for granted from day to day. We let petty little things get to us. Why is it that we can’t just shut up and listen? This is life in general.

Published in: on September 20, 2007 at 11:29 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. welcome to the blog world!!!
    hit me up

  2. Glad you joined us in the secret society known as word press. You are now an offical member of the let’s just be real glub. Sometimes my friend shutting up is hard than you would think. It may have something to do with we want to be the ones in control. Stinks I know and we should change it if we can. Peace out.

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