A little potential=A great leader

Sometimes we down ourselves because of what people have said. Here’s a tip…DON”T LISTEN!!!! Your smallest bit of potential can turn you into one the greatest leaders anyone has ever known. You don’t have to be the most popular, the most beautiful, the best athlete, the greatest musician, or…the greatest anything to become an amazing leader. God didn’t make trash and he gave us all a plan. He gave us our own specific gifts and talents and we need to express then and use them for his glory. I have been in a period in my life where I felt I was at a stand still and I had the “lost” the plan given to me. But, as I sat down with Megan today, she told me how mighty I was and how great of a leader I was going to be. I needed that. What I am saying is that, life is going to throw everything under the sun at you to try and hinder you from moving on with your life. There will be days where you feel helpless and useless. You will feel like you have no potential and won’t go anywhere in life. That is a bunch of lies! God placed us all on this earth for a reason. No matter how little potential the world may think you have, you have to get past that and realize that no matter how much potential to the world, you have all the potential in the world to be a leader. All of this is part of life in general.


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  1. Sorry it’s been so long but this is good. I too want to tell you I am impressed with your ability to push through when others would just give in. God is changing and causing you to grow every day and those close to you can see it. It brings joy to my heart that I have the chance to be a part in your life and see you turn in to one of the worlds greatest leaders.

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