Needs and Wants

In life, we say we need so many things. We need a new car, more money, a new computer, a new ipod, a new phone, just bigger and better stuff all the time. This isn’t the case. We don’t need anything that doesn’t make us alive. We don’t need anything that can be replaced. This also goes for, lets just say, an addiction. You hear about and see people struggle with addictions and desires every day. They think that they need these things to survive. The truth is that what we need is to break down the walls and boundaries of need and wants. When we want something we tend to make that the priority in our life. When we need something we tend to look past it because what we need isn’t always, or ever, more appealing than what we want. We need a relationship with God more than a million dollars, but, what looks more appealing? Exactly! Our lives are filled with things that are wants but, only a very few things are needs. So, the decision we need to make is, what do we need and what do we just want? This is part of life in general.


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  1. Good stuff bro, I really like reading it.

  2. I really need to say I want to hang out with you more. Your ability to go deep is impressive. Keep it going.

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