Angry, Frustrated, and Discouraged

I am all of these today. I feel upset because I feel like I am not noticed. I am frustrated because I can’t get a job, I am broke, and I am in debt to someone. I am discouraged because, all of these things lead to my band because, I want my band to start being for real and for some reason, I feel like it can’t without good equipment…I don’t know why. I don’t know what to do with my emotions right now. I need prayer. Prayer to be calm, prayer to not be frustrated, and prayer for wisdom and discernment. I need prayer for a job because, without one right now, I am struggling. I just need prayer. I don’t know what to do right now so, with the help of your prayers, I believe something will happen. Please pray for me. I need it so much right now. I need it even though this feelings are part of life in general.


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  1. just wait on the lord it’ll happen. sometimes we get so desparate for something but its not the right time for it or it’s not the right move for us. just hang in there all things work together.

  2. hey tj this is kelly prince just thought i would stop by and say hey hope you are having great year and just remember Gods timing is perfect…

  3. Dude if you didn’t have those emotions then I wouldn’t believe you were real. Every emotion is part of us because it was original part of God. We have them for a reason. I will be praying for you I do already. In the beginning these things happen to all of us. Its our ability to overcome that makes the difference and you my man are an overcomer. I pray God shows you now how to overcome with style and grace. I swear you and I are alot alike and it’s funny as heck. Stay strong man it will all work out.

  4. You need to press in your prayer as well. The enemy wants you to feel defeated, but GOD knows better and you should too. Everyone gets down and out at times. But GOD is pleased with those who pray even when they don’t feel like it, or read the word of GOD even when you feel like you can’t think straight. GOD will clear your mind and give you peace that passes ALL understanding. The first steps are to talk to HIM constantly throughout your day. HE has not forgotten you, even though it seems like the world has. You are important to GOD, and HE needs you to be all that you can be to help HIM build HIS Kingdom. There is a purpose and plan for your life. You cannot fulfill it if you are battling depression. I will be praying for you, but most importantly, do not allow the devil to kill, steal, and destroy your purpose. You are more than a conqueror and can do All things in CHRIST!!!!!

  5. Your feeling is truthful for millions of believers, and multi-millions of non believers as well. In most cases, God for his own reasons never acts, never responds to the needs we pray for. But we still have to trust in his good will.Struggle to the uttermost of your ability,pray, and leave the rest for your fate to decide.

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