Been a while…

I know I haven’t posted in a long time. But here is what is up. I need a job. I am stressed out big time. But, I have learned in the past, well, day… The world is full of junk.  I have realized that our world needs to be led by example not by words. You can talk to someone all day long and they won’t get anything out of it. If you lead by example they will. You see, life is something that seems so vast and complicated when in reality, it is short and simple. We need to take the time to talk to God everyday and tell Him how thankful we are for His mercy and we need to ask Him for guidance and wisdom. In conclusion, I just want to be really real with everybody that reads this. I am sorry for anything I have said or done to hurt or offend you. I know I can be a major jerk sometimes. I am sorry for leading sometimes when I should really be the one being led. I am sorry for ever not being the best example. I want people to look up to me but, I am sorry if you ever have and I have let you down. I am sorry for ever letting you down in general. I am sorry for everything. Apologies , as well as leadership roles, are part of life in general.


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  1. Don’t beat yourself up the mistakes are how we learn. Its what we do with what we learn. Applying!! I think your a great guy with a great calling and there will always be times when you feel your nothing but a screw up or a disappointment. Remember the enemy will try using that to keep you down. Snap out and move forward asking God to shed some of that wisdom on ya.

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